The Jewish Folk Crafts Guild

Mission Statement of the Guild is to research preserve and develop the Traditional, Rare and Contemporary Folk Visual Arts. The Guild was formed in April 2000 in Brooklyn by a group of philanthropic and community-minded Jews, who were committed to popularize and exhibit the Jewish Visual Folk and Contemporary Art. Since its inception the Guild has performed hundreds exhibitions, presentations and workshops in New York, dedicated to Jewish Folk Creativity.


2018 Art Committee of the Guild          Honorary members of the Guild Council
Chairwoman - Gulnara Tsiklauri   Leonid Alaverdov - Former Chairman
President, Founder - Ilya Nathanson   Wolf Chechik - Founder
Vice President - Jenny Rozentsvit   Lydia Cutler - Founder
Artistic Directors - Zina Kelebeeva,   Isaac Gogerman - Founder
Coordinator of Kings Bay Gallery - Nina Tsypina   Yakov Kleynerman - Former Treasurer
Treasurer -Yevgeny Veprinsky   *Boris Kontorets - Founder
Secretary -Lyudmila Leybovich   Boris Lankios - Founder
Public Relations - Faina Brodsky   Vladimir Lobanov - Former Chairman
  *Moisey Natanzon - Founder
  Boris Nathanson - Founder
      David Nathanson - Founder, VP
      Michael Nemirovsky - Member
      *Ida Orel - Founder
      Mark Rabinovich - Sr. Curator
      Rudolf Rozenblyum- First Chairman
      Rabbi M. Tokarsky - Member
      Evgeni Tonevitsky - Former Chairman
      *Isaac Vaynshelboym -Member
      Henry Volny - Founder