Gulnara Musaeva

Gulnara Musaeva – Artist

Gulnara Musaeva Portrait Portrait 2

Mrs. Musaeva was born in the capital of Uzbekistan – Tashkent.
After the completion of the City High School #43, she was enrolled to the Tashkent State Art-Theater Institute. In 1985 she graduated that institution with Master’s Degree in Interior Design . Now that famous Institute became the Uzbekistan National Art & Design Institute. Then Gulnara were working in Tashkent as a freelance artist, she decorated interiors, also was working as a florist & decorator in international chain of hotels – “Intercontinental”.
In 2002 Gulnara got Green card and immigrated with her family into the US. Here she is working as Freelance artist and since 2005 she is working in New-York Intercontinental hotel.
In 2008 Mrs. Musaeva participated in Charitable Art event “Halo – Celebrity Dogs Unleashed” in famous Jumeirah Essex House Hotel. All proceeds from the event were “Purely for Pets”.
Gulnara is a member of the Jewish Folk Crafts Guild since 2019. She prefers to work with oil on canvases and created the deep philosophical, surrealistic art compositions.

Still life, watercolors 16″ x 24″.
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“Still life” depicts some household items, which are precious to Gulnara.
Look how easily her drawings convey, emotions and all the meanings of human life.

Hassle, acrylics 26″ x 36″.
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The “Hassle” painting consists of some circular pattern of both vivid and dark colors, and a square with a photo quality sky and clouds. The thing is that this square is trying to stop the circular motion of our everyday thoughts. So, the message is: Just stop and look how the life is beautiful.

Summer stars, Acrylics, 36″ x 36″.
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“Starry Sky”. Here is a man in the boat, and the stars are on water. They look like golden leaves, but they are stars. The person in a boat is looking up. He sees the stars in skies, while rowing water. Maybe they are seen on water indeed reflected because of good weather.

Bird bobbery, Oil 36″ х 44″.
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“Bird’s Bobbery” – Birds are like people, they also try to fight for their rights and needs. And here they symbolize V-shaped symbol of victory.