Anna Nemirovskaya

Anna Nemerovskaya was born in Baku after the World War II. She graduated from Azerbaijan State University with a degree in semiconductor physics. She taught. Pretty soon she was retrained into newfangled programmers. In 1988, together with her large family, she moved from the capital of Azerbaijan to the capital of the world – New York. Here she worked for 24 years in a bank. Regardless of various fields of activity, she loved to photograph all her life. In New York, nothing could barrier the further development of the hobby.

Like many contemporary photographers, Anna strives to create photographic paintings similar to the work of expressionist artists. She is also interested in capturing a “spy” entertaining moment or an unusual story from life in a photo. Sometimes nature presents her, as it were, with illustrations for literary works. She takes a lot of pictures but, after strict control, she leaves very few frames …

In addition, Anna wrote several books: novel, plays, short stories, essays. The “And the Almighty gave Man free will” novel received an international “Platinum Duke” diploma in the “Author’s book for 2018” nomination.

Anna’s essay “A Little Mysticism on the Palette” was published in the “Parlor Room” magazine

Anna is a volunteer in many organizations (Association of Holocaust Survivors, “Friends of the Library” Society, etc.) She is a member of the guild since 2013, she took an active part in the public life of the Guild, carrying out various assignments. Anna’s works have been exhibited at many exhibitions, including two personal ones.

Photographs 9 x 12

1. Rain in Chicago. Buildings, faces and nature, carefully painted by artists, were highly valued in the pre-photographic era. Now photographers (me in particular) are trying to imitate artists, for example, expressionists.

2. Water for union members only.
If an episode made me smile, I try to capture this moment.

3. Prayer

4.Night, street, lantern, pharmacy,
Pointless and dim light.
Live for at least a quarter of a century –
Everything will be like this. There is no escape.
(based on the poem by A. Blok)