Arts Against Pandemics (2020)

Dear Visitor,
The Artists and Artisans of the Guild want to be involved in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Our weapons as the artists are different genres of art. So, we will fight with this humanitarian crisis by our art creativity. However, we can’t do it without your support. The only way when we can be successful in implementation of this action, – if you support it and send to the Guild some money. When we collect enough money to buy an adequate amount of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), or testing equipment, we will buy and send it to the local hospital to nurses and doctors for use it in their important every day work. This action will be our input in fight against the Coronavirus pandemic by our art or craft.
Please send to the Guild (we are Charitable 501 c 3 arts & crafts organization) any amount of money you can. Please note: For “Arts against of Pandemic”. It is easy now to support us, just visit our Website:, or scroll to the top of the page, then click on “Donate” button and then follow the instructions.
Our action has a two very important goals:
1. We would gladly accept any amount for support of the action: “Art against of the Coronavirus pandemic”. All proceeds of this fundraising will go for support of the medical personnel who are working every day under tremendous stress and pressure. So, please support of this action by donating money what ever you can.
2. The artists of the Guild will donate the valuable peaces of art for virtual Internet Raffle. All proceeds from the Raffles will go to the same action: “Arts against the Pandemic”. To participate in the Raffle you need to donate at least $18 to the Guild. When we collect about five hundred dollars,- we will play the Raffle, find the winner and we will deliver the picture to the Winner of the Raffle.
Today we are introducing to you, Aleksandr Solovyev, the member of the Guild, since 2005 from the city of Dimona, Israel. He will be first, who presented his original picture for the Raffle. His peace of art: “Lake in desert Negev”, oil on canvas, 24″×30″ will be played in virtual Raffle on our website. Again, all proceeds from the Raffle will go to buy the medical equipment that we are going to donate to local hospital, that participated in Pandemic.
So, Dear supporter, by your donation, you can help to fight against the Pandemic and also get nice peace of art as a winner of the Raffle
Note: Every Donor will be on our Honor list by the First name and two letter of Last name, that information will be updated every other week.
Please Support the Guild’s Action: “Art against the Coronavirus Pandemic”

Thank you
Ilya Nathanson
President and Executive Director

Solovyev_Lake_oil on canvas 24x30 BW
Al. Solovyev. “Lake in desert Negev”, oil on canvas, 24″ x 30″

Thank You For Your support

Date Name Comments
05.13.2020 Leonid Gr. Raffle
05.20.2020 Ilya Na. Raffle