Free Seashell Art Workshop

Introduction to the Applied Creativity: “Decoration Mother’s Day Greeting Card with flowers made out from shells” by Artist Alla Baksanskaya. The workshop took place in the Bridge Multicultural and Advocacy Project on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 from 5-7 p.m. at 1894 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn. The workshop had the great success. Five kids and two adults worked with a patience. They never have any experience to work with seashells before this day. Kids and adults were very curious to know about coquinas bivalves mollusks. It means that each shell had 2 halves hinge together. Girls were exited to follow all my direction to use right or left halves from the shells to make a seashell flowers. Even the younger workshop’s participant, 4 years old girl could finish all necessary steps from the making flowers to the applying the finished dried flower to the greeting card by herself. Also kids and adults received information about coquinas seashells which can be collected without living mollusks on the NY beaches. They were very happy and proud with all creating process and finished card which they took home as a gift. All workshop participants left their positive comments and wishes to continue these types of workshop in the future. At the same time worksop’s participants and many guests could enjoy guided tour with artist Zinaida Kelebeeva about amazing group exhibition by The Jewish Folk Art and Crafts Guild. Artworks of 34 artists in different two and three dimensional media were introduced. This unique exhibition will open before May, 16, 2015. Do not miss your opportunity to visit this event.

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