Kings Bay Gallery

Kings Bay Gallery Schedule of exhibitions
3650 Nostrand Av. Brooklyn, NY
Month Artists Title of the Exhibition Installation Reception
Aug Leonid Alaverdov-curator The World of the Wonderful Aug 15 Aug 22
Lyudmila Leybovich 10am-01pm 2pm-4pm
Irina Morozova
Oleg Liner
Leonid Yakovlev
Sept Zina Kelebeeva-curator Creativity for People Sep 12 Sep 16
Lyuda Ronzina 11am-02pm 5:30-7:30pm
Tamara Fogel
Arnold Khalfin
Nov Igor Bezchastnov 85 Anniversary Oct 31 Nov 07
11:30am-4p 2pm-4pm
Dec Leonid Grinberg-curator Our Jubilees Dec 16 Dec 19
Inna Budovskaya 4-7:30pm 2-4pm
Yelena Khazan
Yevgeniya Rozentsvit co-autr
Jan Zinovy Genkin-curator Photo-Quartet Jan 16 Jan 23
Regina Averbukh 11am-4pm 2-4pm
Leonid Palma
Leonid Yakovlev
Feb Eugene Tonevitski-curator Memory Feb 13 Feb 20
Svetlana Dizhur 11am-3pm 2-4pm
Bella Dubovoy
Esfira Razin
Mar Rudolf Rozenblyum-curator Dreams Mar 10 Mar. 17
Isaac Vaynshelboym 5pm-8pm 6pm-8pm
Lazar Tarler
Yuriy Tarler
Apr Guild members exhibition 10 years together-Joy of creativity April 10 April 17
Mark Rabinovich-curator 12pm-5pm 2pm-4-pm
Ilya Nathanson-curator
May Matvey Solovyev-curator Force of imagination May 12 May 19
Nina Tsypina-curator 5pm-8pm 6pm-8pm
Tanya Charnaya
Freda Voroshilovskaya
Matvey Basov
June Anatoli Iasenik Staccato by four hands June
Lucy Kotlyar
Oleg Georgyevsky
Yakov Kleynerman
July Leonid Alaverdov-curator Melody of Color Jul
Alla Baksanskaya
Irina Dzevel
Moisey Frenkel
Aug Mark Rabinovich-curator Summer impressions Aug
Irina Morozova
Lyudmila Shamis
Svetlana Shur
Sep Asya Oranskaya-curator Light & Color Sep
Zina Kelebeeva
Raisa Slobodov
Olga Tsytsarina
Nov Yevgeniya Rozentsvit-curator Shtetl Memory Nov
Yelena Khazan
Oleg Liner
Isaac Vaynshelboym

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