Gregory Kats – Artistic Photography

Gregory Kats – Artistic Photography
Gregory Kats, with the instrument of his photographic vision.
Born in Odessa, Ukraine in times of USSR. Graduated from Polytechnic University, now NYU Tandon school of engineering, majoring in Computer and Information Science – now works in related field.

Greg’s photographic passion started as soon as he received some old camera as a Chanukah gift from family friend. That time, all the photographs were made on films, and all the cameras were mechanical– so it was photographers’ responsibility to choose right parameters, and every picture frame was considered precious.

A small island in a pond of Duke Garden in Odessa

A small island in a pond of Duke Garden in Odessa. Spring 1990

Here, in United States of America – Gregory continued to photograph everything from tourist’s perspective, including New York, as well as other. And even thought the photography was still made on films – with price tag for each frame, Gregory never missed a chance to photograph some natural, industrial, or railroad landscape.

Heaven of aquatic birds, Bronx Zoo, New York. May, 1993

Heaven of aquatic birds, Bronx Zoo, New York. May, 1993

Soon after his graduation from as computer scientist, he received his first digital camera – and here he started to do it for real. Even thought digital photography offers virtually free and unlimited number of frames, this freedom can lead to new challenges. One of them is finding really good and demanded photos, when they are in surplus. So the best solution is just to make less photos, but make sure most of them are good.

GK Select Romeo and Juliet Balkony smRomeo and Juliet Balkony, exists somewhere in Bay Ridge. Sunset over Manhattan, 2012
Sunset over Manhattan backyards and Jersey, 2012

For his first exhibition, Gregory chose the selection of unusual and unique architectural elements on the upper part of every building in residential section of South Brooklyn, New York. His point is that not many people are taking pictures on these seemingly useless objects, that grace the roofs, entrances, and hallways of multiapartment buildings. Not many people even see it, or even look at it. Nobody thinks that these buildings were built in 1930ies and some after WWII – when designer’s and architects’ aim was in durability, not in beauty, but still they left some beautification details on top. That’s Gregory’s photographic vision.

Gregory also loves to capture sunsets, snows, clouds. He also enjoys closeup photos of both nature and man-made objects, as well as unusual perspectives.

On the edge of Manhattan, during the sunset.

Besides photography, Gregory’s hobbies include railroad modeling, videography, videobloggings, writing stories, writing some lyrics for songs, and musical composition.