Leonid Alaverdov

The Guild's website in under construction and modification right now.

The Guild’s website in under construction and modification right now.

LEONID ALAVERDOV is an artist, who works with many different mediums, but he is best known for his tapestries and embossing. Leonid’s current artwork reflects his interest in national traditions of his native region, love for America and American culture, and a feeling of connection to the history and traditions of the Jewish nation. A native of Azerbaijan, Leonid immigrated to the USA in 1993. A professional designer and instructor of design, he began working on tapestries and embossing in this native Baku, and has had many successful exhibitions in Azerbaijan, Russia and Tajikistan. In America, Leonid Alaverdov became one of the founders and the first Chairman of the Club of Russian artists of Bensonhurst, a member of the Artists’ League of Brooklyn, and one of the first members of theJewish Folk Crafts guild, which was responsible for organizing his personal exhibition.


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