Solo Exhibition of Lyuda Leybovich 2018

As usual, the exhibition took place in Kings Bay branch of Brooklyn Public Library. Anna Nemirovsky was as show host, and in her opening address she stated “this guild is special collection of artistic people who can write poems, stories, draw pictures, just like all in one. And what else is remarkable, is that everyone is positive to others’ success, not only to his or her own. …” And one of such artists is Lyuda Leybovich. Lyuda worked civil engineer with hydrotechnology concentrated in Odessa, Ukraine. She started to draw in color in 2000, six years after she immigrated into USA. Lyuda mentioned her only pencil drawing, she did before immigration which was also present at the exhibition, but the rest of her works were drawn in USA. First, she drew by watercolors, by oil paint, but then she switched to acrylic paint, and she does now. Instead of explaining her genres, preferences, stories behind every picture she read a poem in Russian, which describes her attitude of drawing.

“The magnet of natural beauty, attracts by its’ limitless abundance, as well as works by other artists who depict it. Then the poem mentioned, the way she adores that beauty, which makes her draw and create her beautiful paintings. …”

Lyuda does not adhere to any specific genre of arts. That’s what maker her paintings very diverse. They include portraits, landscapes, architecture, and everything, just what gives her an inspiration to draw. That’s what we call “The Magnet of Natural Beauty!”

Kiev, Ukraine - cityscapes The background for this painting came from a film, just one frame with this landscape gave an inspiration to Lyuda. When she drew this picture, her imagination added a girl who spread fall foliage
Shafts of Khadzhibey fortress in Odessa Some of her artworks were taken from her memories of the city of Odessa where she lived before immigration. At this picture, the remaining shaft as Khadzhibey Fortress are depicted.
Ocean Scene Since both Odessa and New York are set by the seas, Lyuda gets indubitably inspired by water landscape. By disappearing shores, and everything related to oceans and sea.

Tram in Milan, Italy


Russian Country Landscape

All of Lyuda’s paintings are beautiful, just like nature, and everything around. They are full of light and depth of all dimension of our life.

“…Internet gives us an abundant chance to find the most beautiful views around the world, and even beyond. And even when I watch a film on tv, and I like some landscape – I stop the film at this frame, I take a picture of it by my smartphone – and now it’s in my album, but neverless I used it as a background for what I draw…” Then she mentioned one of her recent artwork with a scene from Kiev on background. “… the background comes from picture frame on TV, and the girl who spreads golden leaves I’ve added on my own. Because I think that nature must get along with people, animals, etc. …”
As Ilya Nathanson mentioned, it’s hard to find any genre where Lyuda could not expose herself in as an artist. Her genres include architecture, animals, people, nature, just everything. Regina Averbukh, a guild member mentioned that some light is coming from Lyuda’s paintings, which depict life in all it’s manifestations.
Some of her artworks were taken from her memories of Odessa where she lived, some memories could come from photos, some memories, just from seeing and remembering placed she visited. But the major aspect, which answer all the questions about the objects she chooses to draw was one “… I just liked it, it just gave me an inspiration, and I drew it!” That’s the way all real artists do.

November 18, 2018