Lyudmila Leybovich – Solo Exhibition 2020

Whenever we find out about the coming exhibition of the seasoned guild member, we are prepared to view some kind of old school works, yet with recent way of seeing. But this time – was a complete surprise for one who thinks this way.
Lyuda Leybovich, one of the first and very known guild members exhibited a variety of her new paintings, along with her old and known works.


Lyuda received her degree from from Odessa State Institute of Civil Engineers. In a free time she did some graphics but not much. The only drawing she kept from was her self-portrait in pencil, making a couple of corrections and took it along into USA. Lyuda is in USA since 1994, after passing of her mother she started to draw in oil and one of her first works was a portrait of her late mother. Then Lyuda mastered acrylic and watercolors.

Then she read a poem about what motivated her to draw the most. It was the greed to convey the world, as well as being slightly envy to people who can do it with hands.
It’s known that Sun isn’t even spotless even, so both envy and greed sometimes set good beginnings. Lyuda is a poet as well.
Lyuda Leybovich Painting

The nature of her pictures is diverse from snow-covered woods to the the tropical Acora Islands. She draws landscapes and portrait, and there were so many of her her works. And very recently she drew an interior. In some cases she adds detail to known interior, to make an image story-like. For example a child, a dog a cat. Whatever.

DSC04343interior smDSC04334rets

Later on she made a small guided tour of her old school paintings related to the cities she visited. She told a story nearly about each picture, why she chose to draw particular city or place in the city. Once of the picture was in Talin, Estonia. This is the place which resembles the Western Union the most, in USSR. There is a lot of drawings depicting Odessa, which are near and dear to her, and to me. She paid great attentionto St Petersburg and to Paris. Whenever she found a place charming, she drew it. Lyuda draws like an architect, t.e. with high level of details, without abstraction, and everything is beautiful.

Everything Lyuda draws in crystal clear, it’s breathing, they are wonderful, as Leonid Alaverdov,
one of the old school guild member states.