Maria Abrosimova


Master of Hand embroidery

She was born in Kiev, Ukraine
Maria graduated a Kazan Institute of Finance and Economics and then worked in a technical management Department of Multisector Ministry of Ukraine (Kiev). As a Curator of Patent bureau of Arts Council, she was testing and approving consumer goods, including a Folk craft.
After an immigration into USA, she started to create the stuff in the hand sewing. As a result, Maria successfully mastered some items in following genres: short cross stitch, long stitch and Gobelin stitch. In her works she used: floss, metal strings, beads. Recently, she mastered a new method of handcrafting – diamond painting using tiny crystals, which make a sparkling beautiful effect of items she creates.
Using different techniques and materials allows her to create interesting decorations as well as bright and florid pictures and fine applied arts crafts (cosmetic cases, purses, eyeglass cases, and similar items) which create nice impressions. Her art and craft get an excellent feedback from numerous her exhibition visitors.
Since 1997 she was a member of JCH Bensonhurst Art Club and then in 2000 became a member of Jewish Folk Crafts Guild where she participated in all-guild vernissages as well as in “Russian Heritage Festivals “

1. Fiesta – long stitch. 28″x18″. 2017


2.Sunflowers and Holly. Beading 13″x 15″. 2019

Maria Work 1

3. “Shtetl”. Diamond painting . 2020

Maria Work3

4. Cosmetic cases (two) Gobelin stitch. 4″ x 7″ {each}.2019