Regina Averbukh

регина страничка 5.4портрет kb молод

Regina Averbukh emigrated to USA in 1993 from Odessa, Ukraine, where she got B.S. degree in Technology. From the young age, Regina collected the books about great artists and poets, as well as about famous art museums in the world. The black and white photography, – was her hobby. The landscapes are the main themes of Regina’s photography there in Odessa and here in New-York.

Her moto is words of Marcel Marceau:” art teaches in finding inspiration and happiness in our life”. Regina is a very community oriented person, that why soon after her arrival to New York, she became a member of two clubs: Art’s and Book’s lovers of Bensonhurst Jewish Center in Brooklyn. Then she joined the Jewish Folk Grafts Guild. Mrs. Averbukh, also has deep interest in creating the art works from unusual, natural art materials: dried leaves and flowers, different kind of stones as well as seashells, that she found on the beach.

Regina is really appreciating the support and help in her creativity that she gets from members of the Guild. She is happy to participate in Guild’s exhibitions where she always are reading her poems for pleasure of the audience. It was really nice to be on her Jubilee exhibition at Kings Bay Gallery, recently. Since 2002 till 2010 Regina Averbukh was invited and participated in the International Russian Festival “Maple Leaves” in Montreal, Canada, where she successfully, presented her poems and artifacts.

“Three Tenors” wood, 8.5″ x 11.5″ x 6″


“Sea Landscape” seashells, 10.5”x 8.5”

регина р 4 Морской берег

“Lily” seashells, 10” x 12”

LIllies_regina_made of seashells

“Bouquet” dried plants, 9’ x 11”

Регина 5.14 букет сухие цветы