Welcome New Members – 2020

Every year (usually in January), following an exhibition – the Guild holds a special member-only meeting, where a very important question is discussed. Namely – this is an acceptance of new members. New artists come, present their artworks, and guild members vote whether to accept them or not.
This time – the meeting was very colorful, special, and diverse. We had eight to ten candidates and all of them were accepted.

The first one was Ludmila Kofman. Her works are full of artistic impression. Then came Viktor Ostapenko who has an experience of a professional and known artist. And then come something else. Gregory Kats – our staff writer, presented his works as a photographer. His object of photography are residential buildings of Brooklyn. Finding interesting architectural elements in ordinary pre-war constructivism, he makes us believe that they are medieval fortresses and castles. Every photograph features a catching title such as “Romeo and Juliet Balcony in Bay Ridge”, “Prague on Coney Island Avenue”, Tower of Princess”, etc. “You discover Brooklyn for us” was someone’s response.
Prague ON Coney Island Avenue

Then comes arts of Gulnara Musaeva. Her drawings are full of color, positive feelings, and make us believe that the world we live in is magic. It’s like circus, like theater. She presented her acrylic paintings with a horse on a carousel, and with a camel on a background of the environment, which is as colorful and someone’s childhood dreams. By the way, even though most of us know carousel as an attraction in amusement park, it’s origins are absolutely different. Carousel, as Wikipedia states “… was a jousting traditions in Europe and the Middle East. Knights would gallop in a circle while tossing balls from one to another; an activity that required great skill and horsemanship. …”Then French people used this method (of horses running in circle) in order to demonstrate horses abilities. And look how is the horse red and tired on painting. Gulnara’s education as interior designer, which is directly related to the subject of arts.

Next come yet different, but absolutely fabulous works of Elena Stadnik. Her techniques are really unique, she uses palette knife for each picture, and just finishing touches she makes by her fingers. Her profession is fire protection and plumbing design. It’s rather scientific and engineering then creative, but like most of our members – artistic abilities with engineering skills math perfectly. Looking on Elena’s paintings Ilya Nathanson said promptly “Elena was blessed by the creator – to become an artist”
Elena Mastequin paintings

Next went Katy Zhihir’ with her colorful and inspiring works, where she depicted people. Woman looks like princess, and many other aspects are expressed by color. Her education is also interior design.

Then went Nata Kapiani very expressive artist. She demonstrated her professional works, told about experience. In Georgia (Gruzia) she received her education which is in accounting, economics, medicine and something like this. She is very communicable woman. But to make her world of interests more colorful and diverse she started to draw. And does it like a pro.

The same way Hanna Volonik, the next newly accepted guild member came to art. She also claimed that her talent to draw is genetic. Her father did it, her brother did it, why not make it herself. And she does it professionally. In her works, Ukrainian folk theme is seen. It’s easy to recognize near native croplands, woods, something which resembles illustrations in my textbooks of Ukrainian Literature. See how our community is international, yet many of us came geographically from Ukriane.

There was also Liza Kim Danilova, accepted as member to represent works of her late father, and her artistic relatives. All of candidates were accepted by majority of member’s votes.

Then followed the official part, with celebrating new members, as well as appointing such important positions as meeting chairman, secretary, treasurer, etc. Disregard their titles they are as artistic as all of guild members are. That means one think – our creative family grows, thrives and will enrich our souls by art – more and more.