06.23.2021 – Part 1

JFCGI June 23 meeting:

Everything started with remember Matvey Solovyov who left us more then year ago, both as a person, as an artisan. He was enthusiastic, he was humorous. The speaker for this part was his widow, Nina Tsipina. The first Matvey’s work she presented was a “raspberry bush”

Both the berries, and the green leaves of the bush (which are in abundance) were represented by seashells. However namely leaves were represented by plastic, wrapped into green paper. Then followed the “Glory of Israel” Menorah, very impressive was Cornucopia, the horn of abundance, and the “Apples in the blossom” as a memory of the apple tree, Nina and Matvey have planted in their summer house.

And here Nina Tsypina remembered the Jubilee exhibition of Matvey Solovyov in 2017

The next presenter was Zhanna Averbukh. Even before she was announcing a shining Japanese luck cat, on a vivid background appeared on our screens. This is a drawing by Zhanna Averbukh, she drew after being impressed by visiting Japan. The cat looks like one, displayed in Chinese and Japanese cafes the cat is waving with her hand, wishing luck to everyone. Zhanna also mentioned that she painted the frame into a red. To match the tone of Asian atmosphere.

The Creation
Japanese Cat

Her next work was gift. Her approach is hard to understand she starts to work and here it goes, here it flows. Sometimes, you happy and positive drive, seems like comes from nowhere. This is the way she drew the gift.

Hot and strong – drawn in Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Some unique flower, looking on Zhanna and tells. Oh, how do I look like?

Creature – something like Big Bang. It was a great explosion, which formed our universe. Fragments jumped up, acquired new shape, everything was recreated but all of it was left in memory. We are all in fragments, but we are bound together. And if you look closely, you can see the Lamed letter, which joins sky and earth.

(Creature is also in site database)

Beloved Manhattan. Manhattan always have an exit to the blue sky. Looking on its houses – they appear very strict, but all of them look in the sky, and even though it’s strict, full of business, and there is a lot of traffic. But look in the sky, and see how does it is reflected in windows where people are fully immersed in routine of office duties. – Manhattan seems very positive, and all our future seems to be there. Manhattan is different. It’s not always new like Hudson Yards, sometime its’ old, buildings are full of staircases, fire escapes, looks like we are back in time. Looking on the ground – booms and here is traffic, very modern. But still look high in the sky – and see the hope and this there is our future.

“Very interesting consideration of Manhattan”, as Ilya Nathanson said.

She also demonstrated photo of some Rabbi. She demonstrated Emor painting on Jewish Theme.

 Once upon a time she said that “she thought that she doesn’t do much” so she decides to draw a weekly chapter of Torah – every Friday before Saturday. Emor – is Hebrew for “Say!” It’s so simple, just what is said.

If you recall the first expo of Zhanna Averbukh, if you will find that this is an absolutely another facet of her talent. If a person is talented, talent has no limits at all.