Ganna Valovyk

Ganna Valovyk-Staylovskaya emigrated from village Kurakhovo, Donetsk region, Ukraine to New York.  From her childhood she loved to draw, but never had time and opportunity to do so.  Only here in New York, capital of the word her dream came true.  In 2013 when Ganna retired from her job – after she got a short course of drawing in Staten Island “New Lane” art studio she started to draw & paint her pictures.

   Now Ganna likes to create landscapes, flowers, religions compositions and most of the time she is using the acrylic on canvas in her art.  Ganna is amaitor but her compositions are made in bright color and inspired by naive Folk Ukrainian Art.

   She wants to show people in her creativity the only positive things: “People,- be kind, do the good things and you’ll be happy”.   


” Girl from tale”, acrylic on canvas, 16” x 20”
”Bring water,” acrylic on canvas, 12”x 16”
”Girl in Ukrainian costume”, acrylic on canvas,11”x14”
”Poppy flowers”, acrylic on canvas, 16 ”x 20”

”With daughter”,acrylic on canvas,11”x14”