Ludvig Rice

Lyudvig  Rice was born in Dagestan. For most of his life before emigration he lived in Lvov. Here he was developed as an artist and received artistic education. He  became a graphic artist, graduated from the Lvov Polygraphic institute. In Lvov he  created a company for the production of interiors of public buildings and structure, where he could realize his interest in various genres of fine art.

Ludvig Rice

In 1996 artist  emigrates to the USA. Here Lyudvig continues to be creative, he begins to  works  in the  different genres – landscape, still life, genre  pictures,  abstract paintings and others. He uses different materials – such as oil, acrylic, gouache , watercolor and others.

Ludvig Rice is a member at gallery ART on The Terrace in Staten Island. Ludvig  had  solo exhibition  in  the  Sharon Springs, in upstate New York, in BVAK gallery in Brooklyn NY.  At the same  time, he is professionally  engages in the restoration of paintings, sculptures and other artistic  things. Artist is constantly in search of new ideas for new materials, in particular , he took up courses in ceramic and art photography. He and also uses various materials in his work from  metal  to foam and so on. The artist’s works are present in private collections in USA and abroad.

       In 2020 Lyudvig became a member of Jewish Art and Craft Guild in Brooklyn; and in 2021 had here his first virtual solo exhibition.

Internet good and bad. Acrylic on canvas 24″ x 36″
Defenseless. Ceramics 8″ x 8″ x 15′
Precious bed pan and urinal. Ceramics and bijouterie.
21”x 8”x 6” and 10”x 6”x 6 “
Today and tomorrow.
Mannequins and mixed media.
170” x 30” x 25” each