Lyudmila Leybovich – Solo Exhibition 2020

Whenever we find out about the coming exhibition of the seasoned guild member, we are prepared to view some kind of old school works, yet with recent way of seeing. But this time – was a complete surprise for one who thinks this way.

Lyuda Leybovich, one of the first and very known guild members exhibited a variety of her new paintings, along with some that she drew in past. \

Lyuda Leybovich was born in Odessa, and lived there for a great deal of time, with an exception of years of WWII, then in Zaporozh’ye, Ukraine. Lyuda’s dream was to become an architect, but she got a degree in adjacent field of research, as a civil engineer. She worked in this field as well as taught construction mechanics in Odessa Institute of Civil Engineers sometime. Meanwhile she raised her daughter, then became a grandmother. In 1994 Lyudmila immigrated into United States with Family.

And then she instantly switched to poems in Russian.

As a child, during a sinister war I questioned by grandma:

“Why was the trace of you sister lost in America”?

That time, I didn’t know though that after years, to tell you more

I will come here to USA, and leaving behind my prior days.

And here, getting free of all, of working life and daily chore

I started to drawn, I’ve found myself

And now you can see my works!

In USSR she did only graphical work, just in moments when she could not do anything else, for example during sick days, or during vacation. Meanwhile she attended as art group where people drew each other. She drew other people, and once she decided to draw herself. She did it, but didn’t like the way she drew, and put it away. Prior to leaving for USA she found this self-portrait, made a couple of corrections by pencil and paper and took it here in USA.

After Lyuda’s mother passed away, Lyuda switched to oil and drew her late mother using oil paints. Then Lyuda switched to acrylics, and watercolors.

And then she read another poem, which says: “All people have such bad traits as greediness and emptiness. I am greedy to grab everything is this world, and in order to reduce it, I must transfer all of it on canvas. So greediness is a stimulus to create and create something new. I am envious, and often I got envious to ones who could do everything my hands. Envy was great symbol, so it drove me to do everything by myself.

Ven though sun is not without a spot, so envy and greed is not without the kind!