Lyudmila Leybovich

Lyudmila Leybovich was born in Odessa, Ukraine. During the World War II, together with her family, she was evacuated to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in order to escape from Nazis. Fortunately they survived all the hardships, and moved back to Odessa after the World War II.

She was dreaming of becoming an architect. So after her graduation from high school, she applied to the Civil Engineering University of Odessa, where she obtained Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Being Jewish – meant zero change to become an architect.

Although, she never got a chance to get special art education. All her life, she had a desire to become an artist.

In 1994 Lyudmila immigrated into United States of America. New York became her new home. This is where her long time dream became reality.

She is actively working since 1999. Using oil, acrylics, watercolor, pastel, and graphical techniques, she created many artworks, and within some time she grew into a mature artist.

Autumn gift”, acrylic”,  20” x 30”,

“Stages of Jewish history”, acrylic ,24”x30”
«Young housekeeper”, acrylic ,16”x20”
«Young housekeeper”, acrylic ,16”x20”