Matvey Solovyev and Nina Tsypina

Matvey Solovyev and Nina Tsypina are masters of applied arts and creating their art together as a tandem. Couple arrived to USA in 1996 from Moscow.  Matvey is a talented electrical engineer and was awarded by very honored Diplomas: “The best technical inventor of Moscow“ twice in 1985 and 1986. Nina earned PhD in pedagogical science and worked as the Russian language, literature and piano teacher.
     Matvey and Nina became members of Guild since it is founded in 2000. They are working in three Applied arts genres:
* making compositions from natural seashells;
* creating collectible chess sets;  
* creating unique holiday menorahs from non-traditional materials
     Masters are using the seashells – wonderful objects of nature, because its has huge variety of sizes, forms and colors. Those materials allowed them to implement their art projects like: pictures with flower bouquets; images of animals, birds, butterflies; illustrations to Pushkin’s tales.
    The creation of unusual chess sets from non-traditional materials, for example: dreidels, dollies, small frogs, etc; also objects for everyday life: toothbrushes, clips, spoons and pins, etc. involved, the authors to the membership of “The Chess Collectors International USA”. By estimate of the club, “…no one makes such wonderful chess in Western Hemisphere, as they do…” Nina & Matvey have participated in five World Congresses of Chess Collectors, already, and every time with different unique chess set.  


     In America, masters wanted to be closer to the Jewish traditions and support the mission of the Guild. They began to create menorahs from unusual materials such as nails, spoons, forks, crystals, etc. Their collection of different unusual menorahs was awarded by grant for preservation of Jewish Folk traditions by Brooklyn Arts Council in 2007.
    Mrs. Tsypina is a leader of “Guild’s Artists for Children” project, also for many years she was Secretary of the Guild and now she is doing an important job for Guild as the Coordinator of Kings Bay Gallery.
    Mr. Solovyev is always doing technical support of Guild’s exhibitions, under first request. 

Chess Set “Dolleis”, plastic, wood, 3 1/2″
Menorah, seashell on glass ,22″ x 16″.  2002

“Flower of sea”, Seashells, 14 1/2″ x 14 1/2″, 2012

Ornamental menorah ,nails and metal,13″x 6 1/2″x 9 2/8″,.2005