Mikhail Shapshay – Solo exhibition 2019

Already used to weather freaks of New York, already seasoned by magics of JFCGI exhibitions, we come back to the same venue, and are still amazed by something performed in the best traditions of the guild.

And this time, it’s something we’ve never seen before. These are the paintings of newly accepted artist – Mikhail Shapshay. He is new for our guild, but as an artist – he is very professional and seasoned. First of all, unlike guild members, who presented before – he received education in the school of Arts in Odessa. In other words, paintings are his profession, and not only paintings. He does artistic inlaying as well, and he does it not only on artworks, he does it on furniture too. 

Mikhail is interested in paintings in early childhood. He pays attention to it always and everywhere. Traveling to other cities, such as St Petersburg (Leningrad then) or Moscow – Mikhail always visited art museum, paying attention to painting of all times and all parts of the world. Traveling to Paris he always visited Louvre museum, visiting Madrid, he always visited Prado museum.

After immigration into USA Mikhail continued to draw and to do wooden crafts. He even collected various pieces of wood, such as tree stubs, branches, and always made crafts of them. His love to paintings revealed also in drawing ballerinas and ballet.   He does not only draw ballerinas but also knows a lot about their lives and biographies.

Besides oil paintings Mikhail is interested in landscapes, such as “Night on River”, “Snake River” in mountains, Verrazano Bridge and many more. Even a lonesome house with a medical office gives him an inspiration to draw. He also masters woodworking and wood inlaying. He makes pictures of multiple layers of wood of all kinds. He dedicated many years to this job, which requires excellent vision, a lot of obstinacy and scrupulous approach. The kinds of wood he uses are limitless: His sorts of trees are lemon, he uses oak, he uses birch, redwood, that’s the tree he uses the most. These diversity in sorts of trees – makes him possible to make different tints and colors in his inlaying works.

Mikhail held exhibitions in World Trade Center, and other known galleries in New York City.

“Why did you choose to draw ballet?”  In response to this question, Mikhail answered that he is following Degas, Renoir, and other ones who draw ballet.

“Why did you choose black background” – Because this background makes all the details of ballerinas and magics of ballet to be seen. It’s much more pleasant to view all the artistic details on dark background. They are even more clearly seen, as one of the viewers says. IN amateurs’ opinion – The colors reveal the picture of artist’s perception of the world, and Mikhail prefers contrasts in his unique style.

But Mikhail states that he draws the fragments of ballerina’s life, he knows how is it hard to stand on pointes– and works hard and scrupulously Mikhail depicts it in his works.

And look much love, feelings, and details – Mikhail inlays in his paintings!