Winter Vernissage 2020

The purpose of this exhibition was to summarize the diverse intermix of guilds’ arts, made in the year of 2019. All technique and genres, old and new, traditional and innovative were here. Both old guild member, and newcomers took part in it.

Ilya Nathason, our president welcome Zinaida as the curator, and Nina Tsypina – as the coordinator of the gallery. Her not only chose what to exhibit, but also how to put it together, and place it on the walls logically. That’s job of exhibition designer.  

It was impossible to avoid mentioning Gulnara Tsiklauri’s passing. It happened on 5th of January, and she was only 65. Gulnara was one of the most prominent artists and “…She foreseen such an outcome; her paintings are very philosophically sad. As an artist myself I can tell you that all of her emotions were transferred on canvas… “Fidelity” (the only her painting at this expo is a perfect example of it…..”Zinaida explains.

Since she made this picture a few months before her passing, she felt its nearness. Almost a skeleton of a woman is laying inside the boat and a devoted dog is near her, and a seagull is a neutral living organism. Then Zinaida spoke about more works of Gulnara, who left us in the age of just 65.

Live goes on, the genres exhibited are: watercolors, weed, whatever.  We have impressionist, we have glass artist, we have seashell artists. Genre is an ability to depict something by brush, by painting knife, by wood burner, anyhow.

Lev Tsitron makes woodburning, look how delicate and meticulous is the process. Certain tint of the brown color needs certain time of holding the tip of the instrument by the wood.  

Catching unforgettable moment is a pearl of Photography – And very often paintings are redrawn from photographs artistically.  That’s how Mark Rabinovich came up with the idea of drawing geese on a lake.

And still, the way the exhibition was designed plays a significant role. You can’t’ mindlessly intermix genres, there are certain rules which exhibitions designer of museums and galleries feel intuitively.

Words were also spoken about deceased Rudolph Rozenblum, Issaak Vaynschnelboym, whom we also lost in the year of 2019. There were display cases to commemorate those artists.

The Anton Andreev gave us speech. “… it becomes more of us, and the average age of the participant become younger…” Also, he mentioned that All we draw, all we create is our prophecy. The word “artist” is taken from the Bible. Artist – is a creator. The creator of the world created good and very good, so we must create our work in colorful and positive way.  Just take a look, how world and our life are is diverse and beautiful!