Yakov Kleinerman

Yakov Kleinerman was born in Ukraine, and in his past, he worked at a project institute. His love for the picturesque nature of Ukraine led him to original creativity – work with dead wood. His motto is “Second Life of the tree.” Working with wood, his aims are to find, to see, to embody “Using the extravagance of wood texture (pine, spruce, oak, birch, walnut, grape roots). Processing and modifying fanciful roots and branches, he creates unique creations: His works were in constant demand in the galleries of Kiev and at the annual fairs on Andreevsky Spusk (Kiev equivalent to Arbat in Moscow, and Boardwalk in Brooklyn). A number of his works are in private collections in Israel, Canada, Germany, Spain.

Yakov – was a participant of the “Republican Exhibition of the National Economy” and “Anniversary Exhibition – 1500 years of Kiev”

Here in New York City, since 1996, he has been embodying his creative ideas in new materials: rhododendron, sycamore, cactus, coconuts, bone and others that he finds both in New York woods and in other states of America.

His works are marked with unaltered reviews, filled with gratitude’s. “Works that combine love for nature with skill, taste and imagination”. They “Bring warmth, kindness and purity into the soul” His followers in Ukraine and in Israel are just as passionate as him, about wood as the master creates wonderful products.

Since 1997, a member of the JCH Bensonhurst Art Club

Since 2000 Member of the Guild of Jewish Artists -JFCG

Participant of the Russian Heritage Festivals (New York, Manhattan).

Participant of a large number of Guild exhibitions in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Held several solo exhibitions in Brooklyn

Grape from Kerch, Crimea
Oak Chandeleur