Yevgeniy Veprinsky – Solo exchbition 2019

As you can infer from all exhibition reports of the guild, every even has its’ own trait of uniqueness. This expo – one wall features photographs of known people. The people, photographed by Evgeniy were not only world class artists, writers, musicians, but also some people known in our community, such as local librarian, one of our artists, etc. The art of Evgeniy is that he finds a moment to photograph each person so –that a person does not poses especially for photos. He or she can talk, sit, do his/her job, just be as is. Such a photo appears just as a moment of person’s life.

The other wall – labeled “on benches” contained photos of simple people in parks, on the beaches, which simply talk, breathe, catch sunlight, exercise or do whatever they want. Evgeniy simply photographs life in faces of people who live it. Prior to setting a camera, and pressing a button – he sees a personality, a character of a person, and finds a best moment to take picture. This image tells about the way of person’s life, how he or she spends a vacation, what does he truly enjoys in life. Besides simple people on the beaches there is an accordion player on a bench.

As usual many guild participants talked to congratulate Evgeniy with is coming birthday, and most of them did it in poems, yet in Russian. One of the saying was

Color photos are fine, but “black and white photos get inside your soul better then color ones” and it is so, I even can’t explain why. Maybe because the transmit feeling in one dimension and get sharper in it.

Regina Averbukh, very known guild member conveyed us the following. Eugene has a special talent to stop the moment, using a camera. That’s his vision of the world. All people are seeing but just a few can envision what they see. Eugene is a photo-hunter even today on his holiday. He never part with his camera, and guess what is the most important part of a it – photographer’ s brain. It’s a super processor which tells you when to press a shutter button, even when your camera is fully automated.

In addition, he is a laureate of photo exhibitions both in Kiev, and in New York.

What makes this presentation unique is that it was followed by a concert, which was full of the spirit of the spring. The participants were Tatiana Nazarenka, one of guild’s members and other two young women from Minsk, Belarus.

Tatiana, performed a magnificent dance, which visualized very known melody, written by Russian composer Evgeniy Doga – as I’ve never seen before. I’ve heard this melody many times in recording, but this time – was really something special with her dance. Dressed in purple she was spinning around herself, waving with her dress, and charming us so that I felt like I got inside TV, while holding a camera to record it.

The next was the pearl of the presentation. A project named “resonance” performed for us. This is a very dynamic duo, which consists of two charming young ladies from Minsk, Belarus – Alla Teterkina and Inessa Vintskevich.   

Inessa sang along with playing guitar, and Alla read her poetry. Hearing their performance I’ve felt the atmosphere of spring, which is just coming to the city. Inna sang both known Russian bards’ songs, and some songs of her own compositions. She and both in Russian, Belorussian, and Polish languages. Alla read poems about spring, about mother, and about nature. It was the best, since the performance was just a day before Mother’s Day.

As one of educated spectator says – the performance was great, with a very warm atmosphere of the world of bards’ song. And since the main point of the event was the photo exhibition of Evgeniy – Alla wrote a poem about the hero of the occastion, yet in Russian. This poem describes the goal of Evgeniy Veprinsky, as well as of other photogrpahers – the best.

Here is a rough translation of the poem

Photographer, who is the ruler of moment,

who gets up in the sky the his mighty “finger of inspiration”.

Dictates the moment to STOP!

Photographer, who is the master of moment,

When and where will he appear?

When we see him, Our spirits get back to life

And the beauty saves the world!