Yevgeniy Veprinsky

A Ukrainian Jew, immigrated in 1993 to New York, where he currently resides. He graduated from the Kiev Food Institute with a major in Electrical Engineering.  Photography is Yevgeniy’s passion from his childhood.  While working as a manager for a vending company “Ukrglavtorgtechnika”, he continued his love of photography and was regularly published even in the State press in Kiev. Then here in New York he became an awarded photographer, winning several contests, including the first photo contest held by the acclaimed “Russian Bazaar” newspaper which also published many of his photos. His work was regularly praised in Kiev and he continues to be shown at exhibitions in New York where he is known to depict Russian speaking immigrant life with intimate portraits and populated landscapes as a member of the Jewish Folk Crafts Guild in New York since 2005.
   Veprinsky’s work captures life as it erupts naturally, careful not to let subjects draw attention to the camera. A meticulous study similar to the “hitch method of siege”. His work is always a part of his travels around the world, always seeking; searching for inner connections with humanity and shared experiences.
   Featured as part of the 10th anniversary of the Guild of Jewish Artists in a photo project titled “Artists and Guild Masters”

1 “In the Swiss Alps”, photo., 22″x27″.2001

2.”Stroll“,photo, 16″x20″.2018 

3 “.Julia Latynina.Writer, journalist,analist.”, photo, 16″xx20″.2018

4”.Got tired”, photo, 11″x14″.2006

5” At the Metropolitan Museum of Art”, 16″x20″.2010