Yevgeniya Rozentsvit

Vice-president of  the  JFCGI

Yevgeniya Rozentsvit  emigrated from St. Petersburg to America in 1997.  She graduated from “St. Petersburg Mining University “and the” Russian Academy of Arts “. For the last 5 years prior to the immigration, she combined  her work as a geologist with work at the international exhibition company “Restek.”

  In America (New York) she graduated from Bramson ORT college; studied sculpture at “School of Visual Arts ” and ceramics  at “The Potter’s Wheel” studio.

She began to her sculpture studies upon arrival in America.

In the Guild- from 2000 to the present; she is a head of the program “Remembrance of the Shtettle”. Her  credo:” we will preserve and convey to modern society the memory of the past, of the Jewish  people.”

She organized (and participated in) dozens of exhibitions (among them -at the Folksbiene Yiddish Theater and Jewish public organizations: UJA Federation, JCRC, Bnai Zion), the three-day “Festival of Yiddish Culture” in Brooklyn; participated in the festival “Yiddish New-York 2020”.

 Works with clay; works (size from 1 ”to 14”) – netsuke, individual sculptures, sculptural compositions, bas-reliefs, plates, souvenir products.

  Together with Yelena Khazan, created a new form of work – a combination of ceramic figures with fabric.

The main theme of the work is the Shtetl, its people, and genre scenes. She takes  the images from her genetic memory and from the  her  fairy tales, among them: “Where is fiddler on the roof  from”. Currently (2019-20years)  she is working on the project “Craftsmen of the Shtetl”; sculptural compositions accompanied by short stories.

Since year 2011- member of  National Sculpture Society.

 Her works received positive reviews from Bel Kaufman (granddaughter of Sholom Aleichem) and Teodore Bikel (actor, performer of the role of Tevye, the Milkman).

 Permanent (15 years) participant in the program “New Americans” (Library of Queens); leads workshops program “Education through the craft “.