Tamara (Toma) Shaishmelashvili


Born and raised in Georgia, the beautiful city of Tbilisi. From early childhood, she was fond of art. She loved to draw, sew, sculpt, model, and developed herself in these directions
She is an engineer by profession, and her hobby was her hobby.

In 2003 she moved to America, to New York
She began to create three-dimensional paintings from natural leather.
Besides them, she also makes accessories using natural stones, fur, straw and porcelain.
She has been a member of the JEWISH FOLK CRAFTS GUILS art organization for 3 years and exhibits her work in the Brooklyn Public Library (Kings Bay Branch)

Tamriko has many plans, one of them is to organize an exhibition of her works in Georgia.
Her works are in private collections of friends, as well as singers of Georgia and the f
amous journalist Gia Jajanidz

1 “ Flamenco dancer”.Handmade leather picture. 16”x20 “;on the canvas
flamenco dancer

2“ Violin in love.” Handmade leather picture. 16”x20”; on the canvas
Violin in love ........

3“SKy is the limit”. Handmade leather picture 16”x20”;on the canvas

4“ Clown” Handmade Porcelain and leather dress; 30 cm