Life Continues (2022)

Life Continues – welcome back to Kings Bay Gallery.

Life continues – everyone can exclaim those two words, as our lives gradually return to “what used to be ordinary and positive” – after losing it all for two years of pandemic standstill and uncertainty. And now it’s our turn to return to our indoor venue the meeting room at Kings Bay branch of Brooklyn Public Library, and to exclaim again “Life Continues”!

Nina Tsypina, the meeting host started the meeting with those words: “during pandemics, many of us continued to be creative, while staying at home and social distancing from other people. Then we started to meet online, by means of ZOOM software, but now – we are back again here! This is the reason to name this creative event “live continues”

Old friends, new acquaintances, and new works, and all what creative minds can do. The exhibition, in rightly named – “Life continues” – As Anton Andreev, one of participants says.  

The works presented in the exhibition depict the beautiful moments of our ordinary life. Those moments make us happy now, they made us happy before the two year break, and even during those hard days of pandemics and lockdowns – many of us were lucky to get inspired looking on the skies, sunrises, greenery, architectural marvels, whatever they could see. This is what our artists chose to depict in their paintings, sculptures, photographs, and in other forms of applied arts. 

This expo features 25 participants, and everyone contributed three to four works for. Ones who came in person include: Ilya Nathanson, Nina Tsypina, Leonid and Nadezhda Allaverdovy, Leonid Grinberg, Olga Farber, Lyudmila Shamis, Zinaida Kelebeyeva, Yakov Kleynerman, Maria Abrosimova, Esfir Raykher, Tatiana Nazarenko, Nonna Selipanova, Lidia Kalinina, Lyudmila LeybovichToma Shamiashvili, Khana Volovyk, Viktor Polyak, Anton  Andreev

Others participants, who were not able to come – include: Yevgeniya Rozensvit, Mark Rabinovich, Gregory Kats, Yana Kramlich, Viktor Ostapenko, Irina Shmagina.

(_)some overall pictures go here.

Mark Rabinovich, the guild member sent us his poetical greeting.

Every year I waited with hope for this,
When the trees are all dressed in gold,
When all the roads are covered with leaves,
And while the bear is still not sleeping in his lair.

…………………………………………. ……………..

I loved so much then and I waited for this time,
We call that period Indian summer.
We finally said goodbye to the pandemic
Everyone in the gallery is back together.

Opens as before, she again
The exposition has already been completed.
From the bottom of my heart I congratulate everyone today,
I wish you all health and success.

Unfortunately during those two years of absence, we lost following guild members:

Willy Shamis, Matvey Solovyov, and Yevgeniy Veprinsky.  We honored their memory by standing up and a minute of silence.

Photo made by Yevgeniy Veprinsky was presented at the expo. It’s called moonlight. Look on how realistic and detailed in life shown. Not every photographer can do it.

And here comes the time, to present new guild members: Lidiya Kalinina, presented her artworks such as Scarlett Sails, Lost Umbrella, and others. The works of Viktor Ostapenko, and Irina Shmagina, were presented even though they did not come to the expo.

Khana Valovyk presented her works such as “Sunrize” and “on the Hudson” She revealed that she began painting at age 76 after retiring, deserving welcoming applause.

Thoma Shaishmelashvili works with leather. Her work “Pomegranates” did not leave anyone indifferent. Fruits look like real and edible, but even don’t dare to eat, even don’t’ think of it. Grains are made of crystals; outer shells are made of leather. Leaves are made of cloth.  Looking on this incredibly realistic work of art one of visitors said:

Pomegranates by Toma Shaishmelashvili

-Can you compare today’s meeting to our zoom meetings?
-No, not anyhow, some of participants answered
– Yes, zoom meetings can be described as informative and exciting, but they can’t convey 3D artwork like this one.  

Another impressive work is “clean water” by Yana Kramlich – I believe this picture depicts all the possible color tints of clear skies and clear water. Even though all is in blue color, painting looks so diverse. Looking on the picture – I even feel a very little salty taste, but this one can quench the thirst for sure.

Clear water by Yana Kramlich

The next presentor was Lyudmila Shamis.

Lyudmila makes amazing paintings out of straw. She came to America 25 years ago and brought with her a supply of straw, which she still works with. She does not sell her works, but gives them to good people.

Zinaida Kelebeyeva conducted the general review of pictures, mentioning Yakov Kleynerman (woodworking) Mariya Absovimova (pile paintings) Leonid Alaverdov (tapestry) Tatiana Nazarenko and Gregory Kats (creative photography) Zinaida also introduced the paintings made by her son Saveliy.

Victor Polyak expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the exhibition: Nina Tsypina, Zina Kelebeeva and Leonid Grinberg. Then he presented Yakov Kleinerman with a friendly caricature, which everyone liked, and Yakov himself too.

Everyone who was present at the expo received a shell with the date 09/10/22 on it,in memory of this exhibition, as a gift from Nina Tsypina.

The meeting was over, but no one wanted to leave. It’s impossible to convey in words all this emotional, kind, warm and joyful atmosphere,that has developed there, during our long waited live meeting!

PS As As a webmaster working from home, I truly appreciate Anna Nemirovskaya for visiting the expo, and assisting me to write this report.