Yelena Khazan

Watercolors, dress code (friendship of ceramics and clothes.)


Yelena Khazan was born in Moscow, graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical Institute majoring in biology and chemistry. She taught in a school, then worked at the Institute of Health of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and emigrated to the US in 1994.
Here in the US, Yelena was able to focus on something valuable to her heart: research into her roots, and art as a part of ancestors lives. Once a measure of stability had set in, she has turned her creativity to poetry as a way to express her emotions, to share what made her happy. Yelena also became interested in water colors, finding subjects of her works in nature and daily life.
In 2000 she joined artistic forces with Yevgenia Rozentsvit, a sculptor. Together they refined a new approach in applied art, by fusing ceramics and fabrics. This work yielded an entire collection of figurines and dioramas depicting life in a Jewish Shtetl. They prominently participated in the “Memory of a Jewish Shtetl” exhibits, which took place at the Queens Y, JCRC, UJA Federation, Folksbiene (Yiddish National Theater) and others.
Their works unfailingly generate strong interest and enthusiastic response from the visitors.

“Summer is Gone”, watercolor 8″ x 10″, 2016

EPSON scanner image

“Red Building”, watercolor 8″ x 10″, 2010

EPSON scanner image

“On the Kitchen” ceramic by Y. Rozentsvit, textile by Y. Khazan, 7″ 2006.

“Matchmaker” ceramic (Y. Rozentsvit), textile 7″, 2006