Zhanna Averbukh


Zhanna Averbukh came to the United States from Ukraine in 1989 . For most of her professional life in both countries she worked as an electrical engineer. In several years here she could not do drafting because of the problems with her hand. Zhanna changed her professional orientation and became a computer programmer.

Life is full of contrasts, unexpected events, and beautiful pictures of nature. Upon retirement, Zhanna wandered a lot along the streets with a little camera, catching the moments. She participated in the Brooklyn Photography Club competitions and in exhibitions at the Salt Marsh Nature House and later at MPA.

Then desire came to study art more deeply. Zhanna took classes in painting in Kingsborough Community College.

She introduced her first paintings at the “Brooklyn Festival of The Arts” 

Zhanna was accepted twice to BWAC (Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition) exhibitions.

Zhanna participated in the Greenpoint Gallery in ‎ ‎2018. Shawn James, the owner of the Gallery wrote to her in the acceptance letter “Your works are reminiscent of cubism and abstract expressionism and the bright colors make them pop.” 

Zhanna became a member of the Jewish Folk Craft and Art Guild in the beginning of 2019. Soon she had a solo exhibition of her photos and paintings “From the beginning…” at the Kings Bay Library on Nostrand Ave.

There were photo and painting at the UJA, JCRC exhibitions.

In 2019 Zhanna was invited by director Arthur Melnick to join the Brooklyn Streetcar Artists Group, BSAG.

She took part in BSAG events that were very successful for her:Sheepshead Bay Stroll and the Brighton Jubilee. Her works are on the Window into Artcontinuously from 2019 till now

She was very glad to show her works at the “Art Against the Pandemic” exhibition, organized by Jewish Folk Craft and Art Guild last year.

Remembering Japan_acrylic on canvas 9 x12

Rabbi Joseph Jacobson photo 8 x10

The Creation_acrylic on canvas 30×40

Explosion. Fractions. 
The shapes are different.

The colors don’t match.
A Memory of the past glued like a patch.
The memory of union,
The energy of light.
Then chaos, disarrangement, flight.
We are still longing for connections.

The GIFT_ acrylic on canvas 8 x12